Akkorokamui Hoodie

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Escape into the depths of Japanese folklore with our Akkorokamui Hoodie. Depicting the Akkorokamui, the legendary squid, surrounded by traditional motifs such as traditional wave patterns and a setting sun, this design instantly evokes the richness and mystique of Japanese culture. Every detail, from the creature's tentacles to the ancient motifs, is designed to delight fans of Japan and its legends. But beyond the visual, donning this Japanese-style hoodie also means wrapping yourself in quality that rhymes with comfort. Ideal for those who want to combine the charm of Japanese folklore with the softness of a high-end garment, this hooded sweatshirt is an invitation to cultural exploration, all in style and warmth.

  • Perfect blend of 50% cotton and polyester
  • Graphic hoodie with flexible long-sleeves
  • Comfortable relaxed fit for men and women
  • Unique Japanese style printed design
  • Large kangaroo front pouch pocket
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
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