Return Policy

Tokyo Streetwear does not accept returns, but offers a reshipment system under certain conditions and totally at our expense. By purchasing from our store, you agree to this policy. 

What does it consist of?

- You send us pictures of your problem with the product.
- If you are eligible to receive a new package, a package will be sent back to you at no charge and you can keep your first product.
- You can choose the same products ordered or a different order with a value equal to or greater than a maximum of 2 dollars than the first one. 
- Example: You ordered a $40 pair of pants that didn't arrive after 50 days => You can choose a product between 0 and 42 dollars.
- You can only receive one return for the product. 

How to qualify for a new package? 

- The international and local delivery companies have not delivered your package in less than 50 days and the tracking status has not been updated for more than 10 days.
- You must justify a difference of more than 3 cm in the length of the garment than the one indicated in our sizing guide with a sewing strip.
- A general manufacturing defect that is not insignificant. 

 What you need to do?

- Give us your order number, example => 1050
- Send us photos of the product defect. 
- If you want to receive the same product or another of the same value.