Japanese Geisha Wearing Traditional Outfits - Free Photo

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Japanese Geisha Wearing Traditional Outfits

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This enchanting photo transports us into the world of geisha, revealing a group of women dressed in white kimonos and enhanced by two-tone white and black obi belts. The choice of white gives their outfits an impression of purity and refinement, reinforced by the contrast with the black obi. These geishas also wear traditional straw hats, adding a touch of authenticity and mystery to their look.

Their faces, delicately made up in white, follow the geisha tradition and emphasize their subtle and bewitching expressions. The background, slightly blurred, highlights the geishas and their sumptuous outfits, making them the real protagonists of this photo. This image captures with finesse the art of geisha, celebrating the grace, beauty and spirituality that characterize this thousand-year-old Japanese tradition.