Japanese Summer Fashion: The Best Outfits

Summer is a highly anticipated season in Japan, not only for its warm temperatures and lively festivals, but also for its unique and stylish summer fashion. Japanese girls have a wide variety of choices in clothing and accessories to create summer looks that exude good times with friends and family. A unique Japanese fashion that mixes all its clothing traditions with trendy and comfortable clothes.

Choose the Comfort of Yukata

Japanese women wearing pink kimono

Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment that dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868) and is still popular today. It is a light cotton or linen dress, usually worn by women during summer festivals, fireworks and cultural events. Yukata is easy to wear, comfortable and breathable, making it a popular choice for hot summer days.

Yukata is often characterized by floral or geometric patterns called "yukata-gara". Designs can vary depending on the region, season and occasion. For example, floral patterns are popular in spring, while geometric patterns are more common in summer. Interestingly, these patterns can even have their own meanings.

The Famous Japanese Summer Dresses

Japanese summer dress

Summer dresses are a popular choice for Japanese girls because of their comfort and practicality in the summer heat. They have many similarities to yukata such as light fabrics often made of cotton or linen that feel very soft on the skin. These dresses also often feature geometric or floral patterns that add a fresh touch to any outfit.

Summer dresses can be worn for a variety of occasions, whether it's a casual day at the beach or a night on the town. They are also ideal for cultural events like festivals. They can be paired with flats for a casual look, or with high-tops for a dressier look. A versatile and very comfortable choice for Japanese girls.

Jeans Shorts: the New Must-Have

Women wearing jeans shorts

If you walk in the streets of Japan, you will notice that Japanese girls love to wear short bottoms like skirts or shorts. Especially jean shorts are becoming more and more essential in the Japanese wardrobe. These clothes are often matched with t-shirts, light shirts or tank tops. A great way to opt for a simple yet elegant look.

The shorts can also be worn in different ways thanks to their varieties of style. The most common colors for denim shorts are blue and black, although there are also brighter color options such as pink and green for those who want to add a touch of color to their outfit. Accessories like canvas bags will be ideal to finish your look perfectly.

Pleated skirt: Emblematic of Japan

Girl in uniform with pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are another popular option for Japanese girls during the summer. Pleated skirts are light and airy, and offer a dressier option than jean shorts or casual summer dresses. Pleated skirts are often paired with simple tops, such as white shirts or plain t-shirts, to create a stylish and very modern look.

As the land of the skirt, Japanese girls have a huge choice to wear them in as many ways as they want. Especially with a great variety of lengths from mini skirts to long skirts and a wide choice of patterns of all kinds. All in all, pleated skirts are naturally a great option for girls in Japan during the summer. You will also be surprised by their great comfort.

Try and Adopt Japanese Sandals

Geta sandals with kimono

Already discussed in the first point about Yukata, geta are wooden sandals loved by Japanese people during summer. These shoes need a little time to adapt but when you learn to wear them well, you can feel a great pleasure to walk with them. We strongly recommend you to wear them in Japan during traditional festivals to fully feel the Japanese spirit and culture.

Geta have also been modernized to fit the current summer fashion trends. Modern geta are often made with thicker soles for more comfort, and can be decorated with bright patterns and colors for a more playful and fun look. Shoes that you will also love paired with the clothes mentioned earlier like dresses or skirts.

Japan is Also the Country of Accessories

Japanese women with cute hat

Japanese girls often have a strong sense of fashion and like to wear accessories that reflect their personal style. Accessories have been culturally very present in the country for several decades, especially since the fashion of the 80's in Japan which saw the appearance of many styles.

Popular accessories are numerous in Japan in summer, including different styles of hats such as berets or buckets hats. Japanese girls also have a wide variety of bags such as light and practical straw bags that add a bohemian touch to the outfit. Japan in summer is also the land of evantails, products that have many beautiful patterns.


In conclusion, Japanese girls' summer fashion offers a wide variety of choices for creating fresh and stylish looks. From traditional yukatas to casual jean shorts to light summer dresses, there is something for every taste and style. Accessories such as hats, jewelry and handbags can also be paired with these outfits to create a complete look. It's up to you to take inspiration from this unique summer fashion to incorporate great clothes into your daily outfits.

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